Oslo International Acting Festivals pedagogical award


At each festival OIAF hands out an award to one of the invited guests for his/her contributions to the field of actor training. The award will take into consideration the effort of the single teacher in pushing forward the research on acting training and exploring unknown fields in the practice of acting. The award has been designed by the Norwegian artist Kjersti Austdal.

Through this prestigious recognition the festival wants to establish Oslo as the main city for the development of new acting approaches. The jury consists of this year’s professional curators, Gianluca Iumiento and Øystein Stene.


List of winners:


2012 – William Esper (USA)

2013 – Richard Schechner (USA)

2015 – Per Nordin (Sweden)


The award for the edition 2012, 2013, 2015 was designed by Norwegian designer Camilla Skribrek.