Actors and actresses are presently surrounded by unique narratives in which different elements of the story are constantly in conflict with each other. They play roles and characters full of contradictions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for actors and actresses to grasp the essence of the human beings they play by searching for the “core” of the role. Film and theater writing is increasingly reflecting a world that is complex and paradoxical.

How does an actor or actress work to represent humanity in such a complex scenario?

The 2018 edition of the Oslo International Acting Festival will explore the effect on an actor or actress when theater and film writing experiments with form, continuity and character. A human being, as a fictional figure, can be understood today as a polyvocal construct – the role speaks from different places inside itself. The role possesses different goals, often in opposition with each other. The role consists of different themes.

The festival will investigate: How classic text work can be used in relation to new contemporary drama, how actors and directors can discover new reading strategies when the classics strategies stop working, how an actor or actress can act as a dramaturg on stage, and what tools the stage performer has for developing new text.

The festival has gathered some of the most prominent teachers in the field of polyvocality.


PROGRAM OIAF 2018 day by day



Tale Næss is an award-winning author and playwright with a long history of experience. Her texts have been staged in multiple theaters where they have enjoyed long theatrical runs. She is currently a fellow at the National Academy of Theater in Oslo, where she researches the possibilities of writing and talking from the perspective of “we” and not “I”. Participants in the workshop will develop tools for and experience in developing text and material for the stage as a collective. The goal is to create fictional universes, characters and performative text together, and to test them on the floor.
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Fredrik Høyer is a Norwegian poet and playwright, and also a well-known slam poet-performer who has brought this form of theater to some of Norway’s prominent state theaters. Høyer’s work focuses on how the actor can use herself, her emotions and experiences in designing and writing new text for the stage, and then, how to use this material to establish a direct and strong contact with the audience. In the workshop, participants are invited to investigate and develop the relationship between their literary voice and their spoken voice.
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Lars Erik Holter is professor in acting at the National Academy of Theater of Oslo – KHiO with a specialization in the actor’s work with the text. Holter’s work with text is based on his broad theater experience, both as an actor and as a director, and his profound knowledge on Tostonogov’s development of Stanislavski’s text and voice work. Participants will have the opportunity to work in depth on basic text skills, and use these skills on a new dramatic text. The workshop is for Scandinavian speakers only.
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Tomi Janezic is a Slovenian theater director, actor, psychodrama therapist and professor of directing at the University of Film, Radio and Television of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has a long international career as a theater director during which he has won multiple international awards. In 2016, he directed the acclaimed success “Doppler” at the Trøndelag Teater in Trondheim. Tomi Janezic is known for his work with actors where he employs a mix of strategies from Stanislavsky, Chechov, Strasberg and Moreno’s Psychodrama. In this workshop, he will focus on the work of the actor with the character in contemporary and experimental drama.
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Paul C. Castagno is a professor at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, and the author of the book, “New Playwright Strategies: Language and Media of the 21st Century”. Castagno claims that new drama can withstand a greater degree of contradiction and paradox, and that the text may originate from many places. He focuses on language, rhythm and character. The workshop introduces participants to specific tools for developing dramatic text.
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A graduate of ”Stocholms Filmskola” and ”New York Film Academy”, Mi has great experience in theater and film, and has worked as a casting agent, producer, and in various other capacities. She founded the ”Vlog Academy” in England, a center for the development and training of online communications, focusing on video. Elfverson´s workshop will instruct participants in the creation their own Vlog, giving them the skills to master online communication both on a practical and artistic level.
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One of the most active young filmmakers in Norway, Mariken attended the State Film School in Gothenborg in Sweden. Mariken has been involved in several of the most interesting, experimental film projects – many of them low-budget projects – in the Nordic region in recent years in various roles as: director, writer, producer. Her workshop will offer participants new skills, competencies and the confidence to fulfill their own film ideas on a low budget scale. Mariken will discuss: How to develop films and scenes from improvisation, and how to use acting skills both in front and behind the camera.

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Oslo International Acting Festival is divided into three main different moments and daily phases:

Interviews and debates

From 10–11. Every day a dedicated interview will introduce one of the festival guests. The interview will be conducted by one of the festival Curators, Øystein Stene. Such conversation has the goal to present and clarify the artistic research of each one of the guests, underlining the unicity of both thoughts and practice behind a specific aesthetic.

From 11 – 12. After a short break a panel conducted by the other festival curator Gianluca Iumiento will create an open debate between the different guests present in the manifestation. The goal of such conversation is to create a theoretical platform of research where each guest will have to put his/her competence in dialogue with new artistic themes and problems, often outside or not directly related to his/her specific area of aesthetic interest. The debates change in structure and formula from year to year trying to match and mirror the festival’s theme. This year debates will look for an high grade of interactivity and experimentation with the audience.

Workshops and Rehearsals 

From 13–17, Every day a session dedicated to the practical research and experimentation. Each workshop or rehearsal will focus on a specific way of working, acting technique, performance approach or defined theatrical aesthetic. The workshops will be guided by one of the invited acting coaches, performers or artists. Each class will be composed by a maximum of 16 participants and the seminars will take place in the facilities of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and at the Norwegian Actor Center.

Shows, performances and artists talks

From 19–23. During some of the festival’s seven nights, these sessions will present encounters with performances of the students, lectures and artists talks.


Parties, awards and other activities

On the first and last night of the festival, the event will offer an opening party and closing party. The closing night of the festival will also be the occasion to award the life achievement in pedagogical research in the field of acting and performance of one of the festival guests.



As part of the 2018 Oslo International Acting Festival in co-production with Dramatikkens hus OIAF will host the Norwegian version of the theater format CON_TESTO. CON_TESTO is a 24 hour theatre marathon based on the idea of creating an instant theatre event. The format is conceived by Bruno Fornasari in collaboration with Tommaso Amadio. The OIAF 2018 edition of CON_TESTO will be supervised directly by Bruno Fornasari.

5 theater groups (composed by 1 director, 1 playwright and 5 actors) will each create a 10 minute play based on current events, secretly chosen from recent worldwide news. The result will be a theatrical newspaper frontpage, a one-hour show, consisting in 5 short plays, that will present the audience with 5 significant news stories told through the magnifying and critical lens of theatre! Entertainment and reflection on our contemporary world are the key  to this italian format that combines an artistic approach to journalism objectivity, and has been produced at Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan since 2012.

On Saturday June the 9th after the conference session at KHIO 20 participants at Oslo International Acting Festival will be choose by draw to participate in the Oslo edition of Con_Testo. The 20 actors will then be associate to 5 directors and playwrights by draw and then the 5 groups will be associate to one of the news selected.

At the end of this process 5 groups formed by 5 actors, 1 director and 1 playwright each with 5 different news will start working on an play of 10 minutes length that will be performed as part of the closing event of Oslo International Acting Festival on Sunday June the 10th at Dramatikkenshus. Each group will be assigned a room where they will be able to rehearse for 24 hours from 3:00 pm of Saturday June the 9th to 3:00 pm of Sunday June the 10th. The rest of the festival participants will continue normally their activity in the workshops and will attend the show on Sunday evening as audience.


Welcome and meet up with passes, information and folders on June 4th at the reception of the National Academy of the Arts – KHIO –   address: Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka/Oslo.